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The Battery – Solar Power’s Best Friend

There’s no denying that the addition of solar power to a household is a great step for homeowners to avoid the increasing rise of energy bills. However, the average Australian uses the majority of their electricity outside of daylight hours, so they’re still required to buy electricity from the grid during these peak periods. The [...]

Solar Control – It’s Now in Your Hands

Solar Control – It’s Now in Your Hands Not so long ago, it was difficult to justify the upfront investment in solar technology – it seemed like it would take many years to recoup any initial down-payment, and there was no way to know whether the panels were operating as efficiently as they should be. [...]


UNDERSTANDING DOMESTIC SOLAR Selecting Solar for Your Home As the cost of electricity continues to rise, more Australian families are looking for alternative ways to power their homes. A solar solution can help homeowners offset their daily power usage and reduce their overall costs. Here are a few things to consider when choosing [...]